SEO Tool: Yoast A Guide To Better SEO

SEO tools: a guide to better seo

Yoast for SEO is the best tool everrrrr

S-E-O, a phrase that’s thrown around a lot in the world of online entrepreneurship and digital marketing. At the very heart of it all, search engines exist to find and understand all the content on the internet with the goal to deliver relevant and authoritative results to its’ searchers. It’s also is a practice that takes place both on and off your website.

To understand how search engine optimization works, you must first understand how the internet works. For some, this may be common knowledge, for others, it may blow their mind.

Setting yourself up for SEO

If you’ve decided to start an SEO campaign, there are a few things I highly suggest you put in place to ensure a successful and meanwhile execution. First off, set your expectations. SEO is a long-term process with long term value so align your mindset for that. It’s also a never-ending process, search engines are always changing, therefore your strategy should evolve with it. My advice, follow and subscribe to resources that will keep you well informed of these changes and updates.

Secondly, know why that SEO is perhaps the best way to spend your marketing dollar. It is the single and most effective way to attracts highly targeted, qualified visitors as well as give you a direct ROI on your efforts. Not to mention that a good SEO strategy will yield higher conversion rates…which is the goal for all business, right?! If your goal is to use SEO to rank your site at the top of search engines, increase your website traffic, leads and sales and grow your business, then you’re in the right place.

Diving a little deeper into search engine optimization

Google, Yahoo, and Bing know that relevancy and conversation are the foundations to good business and satisfied customers. Their algorithms are so smart and sophisticated that they only produce the best results to any question based on over 200 different criteria points in a matter of half a millisecond. If your site continues to deliver the goods according to what the search engines are looking for, they will reward you time and time again. SEO is not a pay to play game, that’s the brilliance of it, anyone can learn SEO, develop a strategy and reap the benefits of their work; all you have to do it dedicate a little time and energy.

Luckily for you, my friends over at Yoast have created a tool that helps you optimize your site for FREE. If you’re a WordPress user then head to your plug-in’s tab and download Yoast for SEO right now. There is a premium version and a free version, for now, choose the free one and you should be good to go.

SEO tools: a guide to better seo

Once you’ve installed and activated Yoast SEO you will see a new section at the bottom of every post and page. It will look like this:

SEO tools: a guide to better seo

This is where you’ll get into the nitty gritty of optimization. The Yoast SEO plug-in gives you the obvious space to enter keyword-rich meta descriptions, reminds you to optimize your URL and images plus a whole lot more. The best part is it’s super easy-to-use interface. I use it as an SEO checklist so I know that I’m nailing every part I possibly can to appeal to the people AND search engines reading my content.

For the non-tech peeps

You don’t have to be the techiest person in the room to apply SEO best practices, but you do have to know a thing or two. Once you’ve adopted the simplicity of Yoast into your SEO strategy be sure to check back on my blog to get the scoop on the latest updates and more traffic driving resources.

Keep in mind

SEO may not always be the sexiest part of online business, but making money sure looks good on everyone! So above all, let your business be the vehicle to your goals, learn SEO, be a boss and rock the online market space. If I can do it, I know you can too.


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