Why You Should Collaborate with Your Competition

Marketing Ideas: Why Millennials Prefer Collaboration Over Competition

3 Actionable Marketing Ideas, You can Implement Today

Creating epic content is obviously the goal behind every blog post, email blast or Instagram edit. This is especially true if you operate a business with an online storefront or manage your personal brand via social media. With so many people populating our world, the next generation and their mom’s seem to be saturating every industry and genius idea out there. Is it me or is the competition stiff when it comes to standing out in a crowd of wannabe internet stars? It was just me, or my attitude rather… until I started seeing my competition as potential collaboration partners.

So the saying goes, two heads is better than one. In this case growing an audience is best when two efforts are made rather than one. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or social influencer with the goal of gaining more loyal followers, then this blog post is written for you!

Here are 3 actionable marketing ideas for the modern day collaboration

1. 75-25 rule: There are two scenarios here

Scenario one: You have no audience, and for that reason you will start at 75. Meaning you will spend about 75% of your time guest blogging for someone else. Leveraging a similar vertical to yours, of course, guest posts are a great way to “borrow” someone else’s traffic. Develop your epic post with a few link kickbacks and a bio at the end and you’re golden.For example, if you write 1 blog post a week, according to this rule you will blog 3 out of 4 times a month as a guest blogger. Of course, I think you should post more than once a month to your own blog, but you get the idea here. Be sure to have at least a few quality posts on your own site already to entertain and retain the new traffic you receive.

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Scenario two: You have an audience, so you’ll start out at 25. 25% of your effort should be spent guest posting and 75% should be dedicated to creating content for your audience.

2. What’s mine isn’t yours: I’m speaking in terms of audiences. My audience is not the exact same as yours, literally. Aric, Marissa, Ashley (etc) are subscribed to my email list. While you might have, Steve, Becca, and  Rick. I have over 2.7k people subscribing to my email list, and I can guarantee those 2.7k are not subscribed to yours. What is my point here? Regardless of who has a bigger audience, there is still great value for both parties collaborating. If someone with a list (or followers) of 1500 wants to collaborate with you, GREAT! That means 1500 people who have never heard your name, will now be warmly introduced to you. Sound like a good deal? YEahhh it does. 😉

3. Offer backlinks: Using hashtags on twitter or BuzzSumo’s search engine, find well-written articles based on your keywords or blog topic. Use this article as a launching point to write an even better version, citing more sources and using more information. No fluff, really pour your heart and soul into the article. For example, if the article reads, “3 easy recipes for a gluten free breakfast”, your article will read, “5 easy recipes for a gluten free breakfast.” Get the picture? Next, link out to the articles you found in your search, find the author’s corresponding email and shoot them a message reading something like this:


Hey ____,

I just want to let you know I’m a huge fan of xyz, I just linked to your article xyz. Feel free to check it out here.

Insert link.


PS. It would make my decade if you shared it on your favorite social network.

Booooom, you just did something amazing, and very strategic might I add. It’s short, sweet and straight to the point. You have successfully given a backlink to someone, offered your audience extra resources, and best of all, about 30% of those people are now going to shout you out on social. I’d say that’s a win,win, win from where I’m sitting.

After a good track record and practicing quality collaborations, you will have more traffic, more engagement, and more followers. A perfect positioning to unleash your services, build raving fans and ultimately monetize your efforts.



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