3 Instagram Features + 2017 Trend Predictions That Will Bring in Serious Dough

Instagram Influencer Marketing

A sea of beautiful imagery, endless inspiration, and real-time updates are just some of the things that get me lost on Instagram for longer than I care to admit. In fact, my boyfriend and I have established a “no phone zone” when either one of us gets a little to lost in social media space.With IG’s constant updates and add-ons, there’s always something new to play with, it’s no wonder most of us have our eyeballs glued to our cell phone screens.

2016 is the year that Instagram “grew up”, with business profiles and analytics now available, I wanted to share some of my IG trend predictions and some ways you can use Instagram to bring in some serious dough in 2017. Are you a blogger? Have a boutique? Do you manage your digital influencer brand? If so, this one’s for you!

Here are the top 3 Instagram marketing trends for 2017

#1 Clickable links have arrived!

For as long as Instagram has been in existence, the only place to insert a link is in the bio section of your profile. Bloggers, business owners, and digital influencers alike have become very creative when it comes to driving traffic from IG to an outside source, which is why the phrase, “link in bio” has become so dang popular.

In late 2016, Instagram allowed a select few (Kate Spade, WarbyParker, and JackThreads) US. based retailers to include clickable links within their posts, essentially creating a shoppable feed. Images now include a “tab to view” button on the corner that triggers a product name and price tag. One more click shoots you over to a more in-depth product description with a larger image. Once there, you can further browse through the “Shop Now” link to actually make the purchase or shop more items.

Instagram influencer marketing

Via: Instagram Business

Besides the obvious benefits of driving sales, Instagram will also be the main source for retailers to showcase user-generated-content to further promote their products. It’s the new “word of mouth” if you will that has the power to influence and inspire any on the fence buyer.

Marketing Tip: Don’t wait for Instagram to fully release this feature, companies like Later.com have mimicked this technology for any Instagram Marketer to take advantage of. For a small monthly fee, you can be reaching new heights in the Sales department by the end of the day!

However, even though Instagram has been looking a lot more like Facebook lately, we don’t think that clickable links on Instagram photos will be as simple as clicking on a URL. Expect something more creative that fits well with the existing Instagram experience, but also caters to the brands and businesses that Instagram wants to attract as customers.

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Instagram Influencer Marketing

#2 2017 will be big for people selling products

While some say 2017 is the year for online retailers, I say it’s going to be a big year for anyone with a product; be it digital products such as e-courses and photography or physical products like dresses and hats.

Let me explain…

Austin Keen, a professional athlete, brand ambassador and my handsome boyfriend has a shop on his website with a few new products. His growing IG is the perfect place to invite his fans to check out his new branded gear. He doesn’t run an online shop and he’s not a big corporation, but he does have a solid Instagram fan base that he can send to his site. So you, the influencer, blogger, or creative can expect the same drive if you push your peeps the right way. How does more money in your pocket sounds? Pretty damn good, right?

By the way…

  1. More than 84% of smartphone users in the US browse, research or compare products via a web browser or mobile app.
  2. 78% of consumers make purchasing decisions that are influenced by a brand’s social media, and 70% of Instagram users have searched for a brand on Instagram.

If your Instagram game is strong and you can stay ahead of the curve with these insights you’re golden.

#3 Instagram is taking SnapChat down!

Okay..maybe, maybe not, but it sure seems like everything SnapChat does, Instagram does the same. Now with its geotagged stickers, filters, and IG story, it’s only a matter of time before social media users get tired of jumping back and forth to do the same thing.

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Marketing tip: Invest in building your Instagram Stories strategy now because it’s only going to grow even faster in 2017. That being said, I’m keeping a look out to see what SnapChat does to stay in the game, as the innovators in this space, I expect to see some out of the box ideas to keep their loyal users entertained and satisfied.

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Do you think my trend predictions are on point, or do you have some ideas of your own? Leave a comment below.

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