How to Get More Instagram Followers

How to Get More Instagram Followers

Learn how to get more Instagram followers with these 6 tips

Though I haven’t been focusing on growing my Instagram 100% I do have some ways to help grow yours. I personally went from 400 to 1100+ followers on IG in about two weeks without really trying. You may think that’s a lot, or you may not, but the point here is that what I did worked! It grew my audience and my engagement, and I’m positive it will do the same for you. I didn’t spend any money, a lot of time, or hire anyone to do this either. I just developed a few habits that really worked, then I just repeated them.

Business or Personal, this works…

My Instagram account isn’t strictly for my blog, nor is it focused on business. It’s simply a personal account that I’ve plugged my blog into with imagery I’ve captured for personal use. I admire a pretty feed, and I would be lying if I didn’t say I try to make it look good, but that’s about it. I have noticed more traffic to my blog via my Instagram on Google Analytics which it pretty cool, but I have not made that an objective or main focus.

With that being said, if you adopt these 6 habits (#3 in particular) one hundred and ten percent, I have a very strong reason to believe this will drive new targeted followers to your IG account and your website. These tips have to power to convert on-lookers into customers and followers into raving fans. Sound exciting?! It is! It’s super fun to see your audience grow in an organic way and have more conversations with new friends. I have made new connections, gotten a few biz opportunities, a couple blog plugs and even found a new gym that I love, all because of the networking I do on Instagram.

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Stop wondering how to grow your business on Instagram – start doing it!

How to Get More Instagram Followers

Disclaimer: You need to put time and effort into this strategy, you cannot “set and forget” these tips.

  1. Optimize your profile. This is for anyone that has a website, blog, Tumblr, portfolio, youtube channel, or anything they want to drive traffic to. Stick the link of your website in the bio section where it allows it to be clickable. (or if you are promoting a particular URL use that.) I like to use this tool helps me track the number of times people click on my IG link. has a dashboard that stores your data for each link you create. Why is this useful? If you’re using this for business/work purposes this data will help you understand your IG audience and what they are there for. If you have 1k followers and your data read 874 clicks, then you know that the content you are putting out on your IG is resonating with your audience, they are a more engaged audience and they want more from you. If you get 28 clicks, then this may tell you that your audience isn’t exactly targeted. Targeted audiences are what you need for higher conversions…AKA sell your sh*t.
  2. Be engaged. Leave comments, like photos and tag people when necessary. I know this tip may be obvious, I’m sure you already know this, but I see so many people often scroll their feed just to browse what others are doing..why not stop by and show some love?! I’m not saying all the time, I get it, I like to browse my feed to for fun too, but all I’m saying is get in the habit of starting a conversation or leaving thoughts for others to engage with. You might be surprised with the feedback you get.
  3. Find your competitors or find similar feeds. This is a juicy tip, and probably the main one that I see the most return on. If you’re a business, find other businesses that do the same/similar work. If you’re growing your personal IG find feeds with similar imagery as you. Then go to their ‘likers’ and start following those people and chose them mindfully.. because you don’t want to come off spammy. Note: Instagram will only let you follow about 100 new people at a time, so be aware of that. Skip over people without a profile photo or accounts that only have 6 pics posted. The goal is to find new people to engage with while increasing your audience.  If they are following and engaging with brands or people with similar products, services, photos, and feeds, they are the exact kind of people that are going to follow and engage with you too. This is your target audience. This is a most organic way to instantly grow your Instagram and much as 100 people per day. Don’t spam these people, instead recognized them as interested leads, then grab their attention with your beautiful photo feed, luring CTA and entertaining content. This is not a way to mindlessly get new followers for the sake of getting new followers, so be aware of the fine line. Practice this tip with the intention of spreading the word of your brand positively and you for sure get a great response. I’ve seen other people try to rack up their follower count this way without a good intention, and all it does is come off super spammy. So a tip to this tip, take some time to check out people’s profile, are these the type of people you want to attract.
  4. Hashtags are always a good idea. Do a little research if you need to to find the most used tags for your type of content. I like to keep a few different lists in my notes section on my phone so I can easily copy and paste them. Like any online marketing, relevancy is key. Hashtagging #cute on a biz post is a waste of time, of course, unless your biz is all about puppies or get what I’m saying!
  5. Collaborate with people of similar interests and objectives. If you’re an up and coming photographer maybe you link up with local bloggers for a project. Are you a DIY macrame master, perhaps finding a boutique to display your work is a good idea.
  6. Focus on engagement. I know this article is about getting more followers, but if you want to have a successful Instagram account that drives traffic for your business, then you need to be laser-focused on the aspect. Create relationships, follow back and leave comments. There is a reason I guide you through step #3 in depth. Finding similar IG accounts, businesses, and brands with the similar objectives will bring you, engaged followers.

These are the same tips I’ve found to be super helpful when trying to grow my Instagram account. I will say tip #3 and tip #5 have been the best for me, and the ones I recommend for any business, brand or personal use. All of these tips are proven to be an authentic way of reaching more people and have totally worked for me and many others.

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How to Get More Instagram Followers

To help ya out a little more, I’ve created The Hashtag Boss , it’s a list of hashtags separated by category. I’ve done the research for you so if you choose to ramp up on tip # 4 you should totally check this out! Fill out your info below so I can get that over to you asap.


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