A Backing linking Strategy for Your SEO Game

SEO help: A backlink strategy

SEO gets a bad rap. I get it, it’s not always the most glamorous part of online biz… but making money sure looks good on anybody! Nothing is more attractive than success (in any form).

WARNING: Once you realize that SEO can be the driving force behind your growing bank account you may experience more confidence, increased swagger and finding you abilities to be a whole lot sexier 😉

Search engine optimization has the power to rank your website higher

in Google’s search results, and can deliver a steady stream of traffic, subscribers, and sales when done properly. Imagine day after day, week after week and year after year reaping the benefits of SEO’s ultra-valuable merchant delivery. In a world where anyone can pay to play, save yourself some money and learn some savvy SEO skills. Paid ads are only getting more expensive, now is the time to take matters into your own hands by starting an SEO campaign today!

Secrets to sexy success

SEO at its core can be chalked up to two different categories. On page and off page SEO. On-page SEO are the keywords you use for title tags, meta descriptions, image alt text etc. Off-page SEO refers to the backlinks your website receives from fellow onliner publishers. You can receive backlinks from bloggers, news publications, forums and other digital sources that provide a link directly to your website. Backlinks are a solid SEO element and one that should be implemented into your overs strategy.

Why are backlinks so important? Well, Google, Bing, and Yahoo rank sites higher based on more than 200 factors, backlinks are one major element they look for. You can also think of a backlink as a vote, accumulatively, the more votes you get the likelier you are to win. And in this case winning comes in the form of higher search results.

Not all backlinks are equal

When creating your backlink strategy, aim higher! Spend your valuable time where you will see the greatest benefit, AKA reach for “follow” links. Let me explain. There are different areas on a given site that hold more backlink power, check out the following examples.

Follow: This means the author is specifically citing you and is giving you a vote.  Examples:

Blog post shout out
Anchor text
Show notes

Unfollow: The site owner acknowledges that your site exists but isn’t casting their vote towards you. Examples:

(You) leaving a blog comment
Links from Twitter or Facebook

Follow links may take a bit more time to get, but when you do it’s flippen’ exciting. These happen when you produce really good and compelling content. This type of backlink is organically created by being the boss that you are in the niche that you know. Google loves that shizz.  So don’t spend an hour commenting on people’s blogs thinking it’s helping your SEO because it’s not.  Your time is better spent writing a helpful blog post or sharing ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Some backlinks are worth more

Web sites carry different weight, so again, aim high and focus your efforts around the heavy hitters. For example, CNN would better than a personal blog that was started three months ago. If you’re new, guest blogging on the same level is a great way to test the waters and nab a few spotlights under your belt, but use them as stepping stones to the larger publications.

Not sure how to determine the value of a link?

  • External links from high quality and relevant sites have a much bigger impact than newer irrelevant sites.
  • Links from unique domains are more important than links from sites that have linked to you before.
  • Links using relevant anchor text pass more keyword focused value. For example, a link is generally more value if someone links to you from keyword rich text like “men’s leather wallets” vs. “click here”.
  • A page containing a high number of links will pass less value per link.

If you’re still not sure whether or not a site is packing as much punch as you think it is ,try this tool,  Website Authority Checker.

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A word of advice

Never buy backlinks. In any form. If you pay to see your content posted to any publication it’s likely a scam and could negatively affect your SEO rankings. It’s best to stick with the basics of creating super sweet content that help love and find help or entertaining.

Set backlink goals. Have a list of publications you’d like to be seen on and go after them. In my experience, quarterly goals have always worked best. Also remember that SEO is a long-term practice so don’t get discouraged if you don’t land a guest spot right away.

So where can you find guest blogging opportunities?

HARO  Help a Reporter Out provides journalists with a source (blogger, that’s you) for upcoming stories and daily media coverage opportunities.

Google it – Try typing in one of the following phrases:

keyword “submit a guest post”
keyword “guest post”
keyword “guest post by”
keyword “accepting guest posts”
keyword “guest post guidelines”

Good ‘ol email – Sometimes you need to dig a little bit, so when I came across Ariana Huffington’s email address, I jumped on the opportunity to get in touch. I did, and I am now a regular contributor to The Huff post…thank you very much 😉

Facebook Groups – Have always been a fantastic resource for networking, finding guest blogging opportunities included.

By now you know enough about SEO to realize you need a solid backlink strategy to go along with your keyword research. Google doesn’t just favor keyword rich content but has an entire list of over 200 different criteria points they used to determine a page ranking. Armed with some knowledge and a plan of attack, together we are going to use SEO to rank your site at the top of search engines, increase your website traffic, leads and sales and grow your business!

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